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The Ultimate Guide for Drying Your Hair

If there is one thing that many women and some men loathe, it would be blow drying. That is why you find that some people would rather have their hair the way it is at the moment just so they can avoid drying it after cleaning it. Instead of stressing about how to dry your hair using any other method apart from blow drying or hair plopping, then you should keep reading this piece as we have plenty of things that might interest you. When you think about drying hair, one element that should always come to your head is that none of the methods people say are right because you have a unique kind of texture for yours and the results entirely depend on the look that you are after.

As said earlier, there are different objectives that we usually have in mind while drying hair so we will start by getting it straight. You will never find someone who has the primary objective of straightening their hair doing the hair plopping practices which means that you should always know what you want. Blow-outs are efficient for persons that want to achieve straight hair and the best part is that you can do it on your own at the house. Blow outs might, admittedly, be challenging to perform on your own hair but the truth is that the same procedure can give similar results that a salon can provide. After splitting your hair into smaller subdivisions, use a round brush to comb it through and all the way to the top whilst drying it until you achieve the straight and dry hair that you want or hair plopping.

To prevent heat from damaging it, you have the alternative of air drying it using the hair plopping process. Hair plopping is always the way to go when your hair has curls. Nevertheless, hair plopping is only operational for hair that is long enough and by that I mean below your shoulders-that means yours might be curly but if it is short, you will not see the results. For this method, you require conditioner, oil and cream which you apply after you wash it, then leave it either for some few minutes to dry or even overnight while covered in a microfiber towel or t-shirt.

Besides hair plopping, one can as well dampen their hair and achieve curls by combing it after a wash, then using sponge rollers or coils for that matter. Remember, you can only try any method to know what brings out the most amazing outcomes.

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